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Our Company

New Slate Films is dedicated to providing businesses a unique approach to video marketing and sharing their stories in the most all-encompassing and impactful way!


Over the past decade, we've created promotional and marketing videos for companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Approach

New Slate Films has captured the attention of small to large businesses around the Midwest due to its unique approach to online video marketing and cinematic video production. In the past few years, we've expanding our capacity beyond Chicago and the midwest and will travel to all 50 states to create effective video campaigns.

Core Services

Food & Travel

We travel all over the world to capture beautiful destinations and unique cuisine. We've filmed in nearly every state in the country in the past decade!

Product Commericals

From apps to physical products, our focus is to capture your product in the most engaging and impactful way.


We tell stories that resonate. That involves in-depth and meaningful interviews and cinematic footage to go along with it to tell complete and authentic stories.

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